School Visits

Mary is an author-illustrator

Grade/Age Range: Grades Pre-K through 4

Mary’s presentations are adjusted to fit the ages and size of the crowd.

Languages Spoken: English only

Books written and Illustrated by Mary include:

BALL  2014 Geisel Honor (HMH)


Frankie (Spring 2017 HMH)

Nobody’s Duck (Fall 2017 HMH)

Books illustrated by Mary

WakaWakaLock Spring 2019

Oliver’s Must Do List (Boyd Mills Press)

Every Which Way (Joyce Meyer, Zondervan)

Wonderfully Made (Joyce Meyer, Zondervan)

Field of Peace (Joyce Meyer Zondervan)

The Perfect Christmas Pageant (Joyce Meyer Zondervan)

...And many many illustrations done for educational material/books and magazine work.

Through this presentation, Mary hopes to convey to children the wonderment, 

excitement and satisfaction that comes from writing, drawing and making books.

This fun and imaginative keynote presentation kicks off with

a reading of ZIPPER, one of Mary’s wildly adventurous narrative poems. 

From there, the doors of the session swing wide open to reveal Mary’s pure love for the craft.

Some key chapters from the session:

I like to draw pictures that tell a story

Ideas happen when you least expect them.

Drawing on the computer

Making Hidden Pictures!

Hey! Look what i’m working on!

This presentation is chock full of colorful slides with whimsical drawings that will keep kids of every age engaged.

Excerpt from ZIPPER

“I fiddled with the pull tab, it unzipped a crack.

And then i unzipped some more. There was no turning back.

It unzipped wide open and out came a cat.

It's fur was all matted.  In it's mouth was a rat.”

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